About Us

OceanTrader.co - About UsOceanTrader.co is a digital enterprise that offers a free and dynamic online Classified Ad platform for the Caribbean while providing entertaining content for its users. Buy, Sell or Trade using our free Classified Advertising. We are also committed to providing free-flowing forums that should be a reliable source for local Caribbean information and commentary for everyone including our neighbors at anchor.  OCEANTRADER.CO publishes entertaining content with a focus on Caribbean adventure travel, sailing and Caribbean cultures.

We will not be limited to just advertising and forums. OceanTrader.co will also be adding a unique series of on-line ecommerce stores, edgy blogs that refuse to be categorized, in addition to monthly quick read topics that include the Caribbean’s best photo gallery, insights into the wonderful cultures to be found on this side of the orb, and our special Haiti Page. The Haiti Page features travel blogs from this Caribbean outlier. THP promises to be photo oriented by nature and devoid of the usual doom and gloom narrative that others are so willing to promote. It was a Frenchman that once proclaimed: “Nothing Grows in Haiti!” No doubt this gentleman had never been to Haiti, or was deep into his cup when he came to that conclusion.

And of course, there are the Ocean Trader Webcams. Our first webcam will be located in the beautiful Virgin Islands. Please note we do not make any distinction between the “American and British” islands. We feel strongly it is time to bury these artificial concepts and accept the obvious fact that in this particular part of the Caribbean blood lines and cultures do not have territorial demarcations. Blows against the Empire!