2015 Heineken Regatta

The 2015 Heineken Regatta was, as expected, a huge success. Racing started on Friday 06MAR15 with the Round The Island Race. Just in case you’re wondering, the HR races are extremely competitive yachting events with crew and boats traveling great distances to compete. The associated cost and time are accordingly notable. This year the Ocean Trader crew arrived too late to witness the first series of racers sail across the start line, but we did manage to hook-up with some interesting characters from Brazil that joined us for a Heineken and rum bavardage up on the mountain. This was an appropriate afternoon divergence from the yacht racing mania down on the docks. We travel to SXM for the parties, and the boats are pretty amazing too.

The Heineken Regatta multi-series racing continued through Sunday 08MAR15 and race results can be viewed on the official Regatta website here. This year the total number and variety of competing boats were impressive when compared to the regatta’s unassuming start back in 1980. In 1980 the HR hosted 12 entries. In recent years, participation has been known to exceed 200 boats hailing from approximately 25 countries. Global interest in this regatta includes an inter-web buzz that spans over 100 countries.


The Heineken Regatta is widely reputed to be a fun yacht racing venue and this year’s 2015 racing activity supports that earned reputation. The Heineken Regatta’s official slogan is Serious Fun! Viewed from the water however, the crews are totally focused on sailing their boats exercising a high level of yacht racing seamanship, with a competitive spirit to match. Crews were intense and courageous in varying sea and Trade Wind conditions. The fleet series coordination and racing management were superb. The regatta after race presentations, entertainment and partying are legend. This is a Caribbean yachting regatta that has earned a fun reputation in the boating world. Everyone is welcomed and the logistics of competing in this yearly event are within the means of many sailors. Be there for 2016. Photos courtesy of Heineken Regatta, Laurens Morel and Tim Wright


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