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Pointe Labadi Water World

Baie Du Port Francais and Point Labadi, Haiti

These Haitian water taxis also offer a very agreeable tour of Baie Du Port Francais. image ocean © trader

Lim’n Times On The Mountain

Tortola After Hours At Stoutt's Lookout

Chill spot with a blow-out view of Cane Garden Bay and the ocean beyond. image © ocean trader


Ugly South African Catamaran

This must be the ugliest catamaran we have spotted in Caribbean Waters. All angles and no curvature. The sailors that are attracted to a boat like this are more into floating condos, and counting berths. Part of the selling price should include repatriation back to South Africa. There is already a huge third generation fleet of plastic boats in the Caribbean. Just imagine 20 years from now how littered our shorelines will be. This pig does not benefit from the red paddle board lipstick. image © ocean trader

An Afternoon Trade Wind Breeze

Caribbean Marinas

Quite times at a marina just outside of Roadtown, Tortola. image © ocean trader

What Are We Waiting For? Legalize It!

Youth Man, Ocean TraderOur lackluster Caribbean governance is missing the boat (again). Governor, where are your steering commitees and industrial incentives for local cultivators and manufacturers? How about researching the known ganja extracts that will surely be used to aleviate pain or induce pleasure. Do we know what double-blinded ganja clinical trials are already planned? Are we even thinking about getting to the front of the line for what will surely be a global mega industry? Master, that government clown suit and a flag pin only confirms you have little, or no imagination.

The Caribbean is already known for its marijuana varietals. This is a trade we should be forging ahead with instead of flogging worn schemes like a mothballed refinery, or giving away our revenue to offshore distillers. I still think we will need a woman to put things right after a few more years of  stifled imagination and buffoonery. Meanwhile our brethren are running out of stock in Colorado, or resigned to smoking that hydroponic killer stick. We have plenty sunshine in these latitudes. Acreage for cali weed will one day be more valuable than land squandered on condo development. There might not be enough retail space on Main Street once this ship sails! image © nkosi photography

Jack Iron Bay And The Ganja Pirates

Jack Iron Bay

This tranquil beach was once a popular landing spot in the Ganja trade. The real Pirates of the Caribbean don’t look like hairdressers with phony eye patches. One famous runner was reputed to off-load a case of Jack Iron rum as a spif to the big buyers. Yes Mon! Monkey know which tree to climb. image © ocean trader

Dinghy Hip-up On Port Bow

Bareboat Charter

Charter yacht threads her way out of Roadtown to start a wonderful week of sailing in the BVI. image © ocean trader

Nautitech Open 40

Nautitech Open 40

Dual helms and photovoltaic street creds on this cat. image © ocean trader

Day’s End On Board

Caribbean Day'e End

A young St Thomas sailor hauls in her line and calls it a day. image © ocean trader

Cal 40 Forever

Cal 40

A gorgeous Cal 40 spotted in Nanny Cay Marina, BVI. image © ocean trader

St John For Days

St John, Virgin Islands Harbor

Cruz Bay is a nice destination, warts and all! image © ocean trader

Santiago de Chile Wonderlust

Santiago de Chile

Smog envelops Santiago de Chile on an otherwise sunny day. image © ocean trader

Mercado Central Santiago

Santiago Seafood Restaurant

The seafood and chefs will delight in Santiago de Chile. image © ocean trader

South Shore Sandflies

St Croix South Shore

Home of the fierce Crucian South Shore sandflies. image © ocean trader

Jamaica Photo Trek

Rasta Vibe by Nkosi

A suitable caption might be ‘stop talk and be happy’. image © Nkosi

Portland Morning Light


The Morning haze and fresh air intoxicates in Jamaica. image © Nkosi