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Trekking Atlanta’s Urban Jungle

Little 5 Points, Atlanta

After experiencing Northern Georgia and the North Carolina Mountains the OTC crew navigated towards Little 5 Points in Atlanta. image © ocean trader

Keeping It Real

Medical Cannabis, Atlanta

A Medical Cannabis point of sale as seen on a Little 5 Points street in Atlanta, Georgia. image © ocean trader

A Real Secret Harbor

A Near Perfect Anchor in the Virgins

A near perfect anchorage somewhere in the Virgins. image © ocean trader

Hands-on Kitesurfing Instruction

Crazyfly instructor, La Mercy Lagoon

Kitesurfing Instructor helping surfer with a windy launch. image © ocean trader

Visiting Durban Harbor

Wind Power, Durban Harbor

Expedition craft and crew berthed in Durban, South Africa image © ocean trader

Tomorrow Wax and Polish

Caribbean Bareboat SXM

We arrived at the boat late in the day. All was well except the topsides. image © ocean trader

Oh Glorious Fruit and Veggies!

Caribbean Avocados, Pumpkin and Pineapple

We were able to source the scallion and thyme. The avocados required another dinghy ride. image © ocean trader

St Croix East End

St Croix East End

St Croix is an island that still captivates, but solitude is difficult to find. image © ocean trader

Tortola Trade Wind Clouds

Tortola Weather and Trade Wind Clouds

Some days are just about perfect in Tortola. Image © ocean trader

Water World Condos

Condos at Nanny Cay Tortola

Condo community at Nanny Cay, Tortola. Be it ever so glorious, some call it home. image © ocean trader

What Polar Vortex?

St Maarten Beach

Class A Caribbean Beach, nude sun bathing, exotic libations and plenty SXM ganja. image © ocean trader

St Barts

St Barts Streets

The Laid-back streets of St Barts. image © ocean trader

Winter Camping

North Carolina Winter Camp

Temperatures soared into the 50’s at our North Carolina winter camp. image © ocean trader

Cartagena, Colombia


Kids entertaining and busking on the streets of Cartagena. image © nkosiphotography

Cartagena Low-Tech


These minimal HP bikes are popular in Cartagena. image © nkosiphotography

Still Our Favorite

Ocean Trader Photo www.oceantrader.coA hurricane felled the tree not too long ago, but Green Cay Spit still remains our favorite anchorage in settled weather. A fab spot for  good people to delight in experiencing one of the Caribbean’s best nautical neighborhoods, prepare great meals and luxuriate in nature while getting high. Sandy Cay can get crowded on some days, but we have done a decent job of accommodating everyone including some select assholes that sail in on occassion.

Water Sports Haven

Beach Life Bitter End Watersports

Bitter End One Design fleet keeps growing. image © ocean trader