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Old Steps Frenchtown, STT

Frenchtown Old Walls and Steps

A corner in Frenchtown with a history unknown to the newly arrived. image © ocean trader

Cay Bay and Le Carénage du Bateau

Cay Bay in Frenchtown, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

The week before Irma Frenchtown in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands was a picture of normalcy. image © trader

The NC Outerbanks

Not so pristine Outerbanks, North Carolina

OTC enjoyed an overland trek to Portsmouth Island, NC where the natives are actually allowed to tear the beach up with their vehicles. Shame! image © ocean trader

Outerbanks Retreat

Portsmouth Island, NC Outerbanks

Portsmouth Island on the shores of the Outerbanks provided a few days of relief from the withered pigs that are fucking our planet up. image © ocean trader

The Week Before Irma

Bliss on Jost Van Dyke White Bay shores

White Bay, JVD is always a joy during the “off season” with few boats and and even fewer drunken bareboat crowds..until the cyclones arrive! image © ocean trader

Star Power

Sportfisherman arrives Scrub Island, BVI

A polished sportfisherman arrives at Scrub Island Marina. image © trader

Fantasy Sailing In The Virgins

Fugjam at The Moorings, BVI

The yachts get better and better at The Moorings. image © ocean trader

The Mysterious Bight

Anchorage at The Bight, Norman Island

Nightfall in The Bight at Norman Island in the Virgin Islands. image © ocean trader

OTC Picks Dive BVI

Dive BVI AJ and Beth on Dive Boat

Ocean Trader recommends Dive BVI for the best diving experience with dive Professionals like AJ and Beth seen here on one of their dive boats. image© ocean trader

The Other Side of Biras Creek

Biras Creek Leeshore, BVI

The mountain trek via the goat path at Biras Creek requires a machete. The Resort itself is still closed awaiting better days. image © ocean trader

Norman Island Treasure Caves

The Caves at Norman Island

Snorkel into the caves at Norman Islands on a sunny day. If you pass a bull shark cruising by you on your way out keep calm and pray! image © ocean trader

Virgin Islands Seascapes

Virgin Islands seascapes

No people. No trash. No stupid pets! image © ocean trader


St. Maarten Catamaran

A well-kept catamaran. Twice the fun, twice the cost. image © ocean trader

West End Vibes

Quiet Bay on Tortola's West End

A quiet cove near Tortola’s West End. image © ocean trader

Citröen Deux Chevaux!

A homage to Andre-Gustave Citroen on a quiet street in Paris. image © #nkosiart

Joie céleste! Baguettes Matinales!

A typical offering at the corner boulangerie in France. image © #nkosiart

Paris Road Show

Parisian denizen peddles past familiar sights on the streets of Paris. image © #nkosiart

Still Our Favorite

Ocean Trader Photo www.oceantrader.coA hurricane felled the tree not too long ago, but Green Cay Spit still remains our favorite anchorage in settled weather. A fab spot for  good people to delight in experiencing one of the Caribbean’s best nautical neighborhoods, prepare great meals and luxuriate in nature while getting high. Sandy Cay can get crowded on some days, but we have done a decent job of accommodating everyone including some select assholes that sail in on occassion.