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Cartagena, Colombia


Kids entertaining and busking on the streets of Cartagena. image © nkosiphotography

Cartagena Low-Tech


These minimal HP bikes are popular in Cartagena. image © nkosiphotography

Nkosi In Colombia


Nkosi on the streets of Cartagena, Colombia. image © nkosiphotography

Still Our Favorite

Ocean Trader Photo www.oceantrader.coA hurricane felled the tree not too long ago, but Green Cay Spit still remains our favorite anchorage in settled weather. A fab spot for  good people to delight in experiencing one of the Caribbean’s best nautical neighborhoods, prepare great meals and luxuriate in nature while getting high. Sandy Cay can get crowded on some days, but we have done a decent job of accommodating everyone including some select assholes that sail in on occassion.

Weighing Anchor

ocean trader sundown

A cat crew secures kayak on deck before sailing. image © ocean trader

Haitian Streets

Streets of Haiti

Some streets in Haiti have not slowed down. image © ocean trader

Life Goes On

Port-Au_Prince Park

Old sugar vats in a Port-Au-Prince park. image © ocean trader

St. Thomas Synagogue

St. Thomas Synagogue

Beracha Veshalom Vegmiluth Hasidim at Crystal Gade 16AB image © ocean trader

Water Sports Haven

Beach Life Bitter End Watersports

Bitter End One Design fleet keeps growing. image © ocean trader

Hurricane Season Last Throws

Caribbean hurricane boat preparation

These boats will be romping soon as storm season nears expiration. image © ocean trader

Faded Glory Days

Danish Empire Ruins

No more servants, slaves or silver. image © ocean trader

Plantation Morning Light

Whim Plantation window

Whim Plantation windows on St. Croix. image © ocean trader

Best Sailing Value For the Money

Sunsail Yacht

Sunsail still gives you beautiful boats and gear. image © ocean trader

Sailing Season On The Horizon

Caribbean modern Catamaran

A well-cared-for cat sits at the ready. image © ocean trader

What Are We Waiting For? Legalize It!

Youth Man, Ocean TraderOur lackluster Caribbean governance is missing the boat (again). Governor, where are your steering commitees and industrial incentives for local cultivators and manufacturers? How about researching the known ganja extracts that will surely be used to aleviate pain or induce pleasure. Do we know what double-blinded ganja clinical trials are already planned? Are we even thinking about getting to the front of the line for what will surely be a global mega industry? Master, that government clown suit and a flag pin only confirms you have little, or no imagination.

The Caribbean is already known for its marijuana varietals. This is a trade we should be forging ahead with instead of flogging worn schemes like a mothballed refinery, or giving away our revenue to offshore distillers. I still think we will need a woman to put things right after a few more years of  stifled imagination and buffoonery. Meanwhile our brethren are running out of stock in Colorado, or resigned to smoking that hydroponic killer stick. We have plenty sunshine in these latitudes. Acreage for cali weed will one day be more valuable than land squandered on condo development. There might not be enough retail space on Main Street once this ship sails! image © nkosi photography